learning to fall


i was walking up the stairs in my garden very quickly and the front of my foot hit the lip of the step and i fell face forward into the concrete steps. i’m completely fine because i able to catch myself and brace the fall with my hands, but it scared the you know what out of me. my husband also recently sprained his ankle from a fall.

it made me think about falling in general. the reality is we all fall down from time to time whether you have parkinson’s or not and there is so much injury that can come from these falls. so wouldn’t it be important that we all learned to fall correctly? i wish i knew this stuff when i was a kid. so i started to research how to fall and there is a lot of stuff online including techniques for athletes, law enforcement, etc. one of the best is elliot royce who at the age of 95 teaches the elderly how to fall and does it by falling over and over again! he is a falling ninja!

here are two videos that show how to fall forward and backwards. i have an air mattress and going to practice this and i’m even going to see if i can convince my mom to try it. give it a go and let me know how it goes or if you have any tips.