year end wrap up


2018 has been an interesting year for me both professionally and personally. i’ve been slowly wrapping up my work in real estate over the last few years, but this year i’ve retired completely. i’ve emptied my office and let go of anything i needed for work, both physically and mentally. at the beginning of this year i chose two words that would describe my sort of theme for the year and they were “accept” & “embrace”. i tried to weave those themes through all aspects of my life and they turned out to be the perfect words for me this year.

it has been a wonderful year for spending time with family. bronson & austin were able to take extended visits home. we took several incredible trips to korea, japan, san francisco, new york, and a gorgeous driving trip along the southeast coast of the u.s. visiting six states. all in all its been a wonderful year that i’m very grateful to have experienced. for the coming year, the words that i’ve chosen are “growth” & “connection”. i’m still planning how i’m going to incorporate those themes, so i’ll do an updated post after i’ve done some thinking.

as for parkinson’s, it seems that this year there has been an increase in awareness. i’m seeing more and diverse people talking about their pd publicly which helps connect our community and shine a spotlight of awareness. there are all walks of life who have pd and when you see someone with pd that you have things in common with, it helps us feel like we are not the only one. there are many studies going on and really interesting ways that researchers are looking at pd. this article in the tomorrow edition talks about how they want to change the way PwP are involved in research. the fda also approved a new treatment called inbrija this month.

i think the most important thing that has continued to happen this year is that there are more ways than ever for people with parkinson’s to connect with each other. there are more support groups where you can meet face to face, and not only have general support, but specific groups like young onset , women’s groups, and groups for dbs. there are online support groups and forums where you can make great connections with people all around the world and in your own backyard. there are social networks where you can read and see great photos & videos. there are more walks for awareness, groups that bike, run, box, you name it. as the research world moves forward and we of course look forward to better treatments, slowing progression, and a cure, we have to continue living our lives to the fullest now.

i’m looking forward to 2019 and all the wins and challenges that will go along with it. what are the two words that you’ll use as your theme for the year?

~ kai

aloha friday


it’s been a busy couple of weeks as it probably has been for you too. i’ve really been enjoying all the activities but notice that i do need to pace myself. that’s probably one of the biggest frustrations with parkinson’s for me right now, is not being able to do as much as i’d like. but i’m doing my best to take the time when needed to rest and recharge so that i’m ready for the next activity. speaking of which, there will be lots more eating and merry making this weekend. i wish you, my fellow parkies a very happy new year! you have been a tremendous source of support, laughter & inspiration and i look forward to another year of sharing our stories on this journey together. XOXO ~kai

here are some best of 2018 lists to enjoy:

~ 50 ways women over 50 enjoy fashion by brenda kinsel.

~ favorite feature stories for 2018 by serious eats.

~ anne bogel’s favorite listening experiences of 2018.

~ best books of 2018 by goodreads.

~ npr’s best tv shows of 2018.

~ allure’s best of beauty 2018.

~ the 24 coolest tech gadgets of 2018 by gizmodo.

~ the world’s 50 best restaurants of 2018.

~ top 50 movies of 2018 by imdb.

19 for 2019

it’s that time again. time for goal planning for the new year. i have always loved goal planning and over the years have incorporated many different styles and methods. so i thought it would be fun to do it with parkinson’s in mind. 19 for 2019 is a popular goal setting idea of choosing 19 goals. here we go.

  1. join a boxing for pd class.

  2. join a support group.

  3. join an online pd forum and share your experiences with someone who could use your help.

  4. sign up with the michael j. fox foundation trial finder to see if you can participate in a clinical trial.

  5. commit to doing a little exercise each day.

  6. find something to laugh at each day.

  7. make a donation or give of your time to a pd organization.

  8. eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

  9. meditate for 5 minutes a day.

  10. write down one thing each day that you’re grateful for.

  11. sign up for a podcast about parkinson’s.

  12. practice being present.

  13. order or put together an aware in care kit.

  14. see your dentist.

  15. keep a journal of your changing symptoms and write down the specific items to discuss before each doctor visit.

  16. make a new pd friend either in person or online.

  17. if you shop with amazon, sign up with amazon smile which donates a portion of your purchase to the MJF research foundation or any other charity at no cost to you.

  18. learn and practice how to fall.

  19. whatever it is you tried and didn’t finish. it’s ok. just begin again.

    ~ now it’s your turn. i’d love to hear what are your goals this year?

aloha friday


four days until christmas and thrilled that my youngest son austin is home for a visit. my mom is counting the days and can’t wait to feed him. that’s what grandmothers do. for christmas eve dinner, we’ve decided to have a fondue dinner which will be fun and different for us. in hawaii the cuisine is a mix of many cultures. so for holiday dinners it’s common to have traditional food mixed in with korean, japanese, portuguese, filipino, chinese, & many other cuisines. my mom is korean so no matter what the meal, if it’s at her house there will most likely be kim chi and other little ban chan which are little side dishes served tapas style. happy holidays to all my fellow parkies.

~ 27 breakfast recipes for a hungry holiday crowd.

~ fda approves focused ultrasound for pd. this is interesting and something i want to read more about.

~ this is a great tip for list makers - the rule of 3.

~ can’t wait to see mary poppins returns.

~ happy holidays!

Living w/Style & Parkinson's: Sharon Krischer

Biking with Mr. Twitchy

Biking with Mr. Twitchy

Sharon Krischer has an incredibly full life. She has a wonderful blog called Twitchy Woman, which gave me the inspiration to start my own blog and is a motivating advocate for Parkinson’s. So I was thrilled that she agreed to do my first interview in a new column called Living w/Style & Parkinson’s.

Sharon tell me a little about yourself.

I grew up in St. Louis, met my husband, Joel, at the University of Illinois and followed him to University of Michigan where he went to law school.  I live in Beverly Hills, California with Joel, otherwise known as Mr. Twitchy, and our dog Lucy.  We have 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.  I have a master’s degree in Audiology and had my own Calligraphy and stationery business for about 15 years.  I then got involved with non-profit organizations, serving as president in several of them and found my niche training others to become leaders. We love to travel and have been all over the world in the last 10 years.  

Sharon & marilyn, stylish at the parkinson’s moving day walk

Sharon & marilyn, stylish at the parkinson’s moving day walk

Enjoying the cold fall weather in Quebec

Enjoying the cold fall weather in Quebec

What is your journey with Parkinson’s? 

I started noticing some odd things in the spring of 2008.  I would be writing and my foot would start to shake, and it intensified after breaking my other ankle in August. In January 2009, my Internist sent me to a Neurologist who said I had a Parkinson’s like tremor.  He put me on Requip and sent me home with no information about PD.  I was also diagnosed with breast cancer that same month and had a lumpectomy and 6 weeks of radiation.  It was not a good month for me.  When I came out of my fog from everything about 6 months later, I went back to my internist, insisting that I needed to change doctors.  He then sent me to a Movement Disorders Specialist, who diagnosed my PD, changed my medications and gave me a lot of information.  I have been with her ever since. I have been fortunate that I have tremor dominant Parkinson’s, which progresses much slower than other types.  10 years later, I am still doing well. 

I began to get involved with the PD community about 5 years ago when I started getting phone calls and emails from people asking if I would talk to their relative, friend, co-worker who was recently diagnosed.  Those meetings led me to start my blog, Twitchy Woman, in March 2015 to reach out to a broader audience.  I never imagined that I would still be writing the blog almost 4 years later.  And the blog has created many opportunities for me, including being an official blogger for the upcoming 2019 World Parkinson Congress in Kyoto.

PD women looking good!

PD women looking good!

I love reading your blog and in it I can see how active you are in the PD community. What would you say those who are thinking about being more involved and what is a good way to start?

Start in your community – go to a support group, join a PD exercise, boxing, yoga or dance class to meet others with PD.  Attend local programs put on by a local or National PD organization.   Find out how you can get involved in one of the organizations at the local level.  The Parkinson’s Foundation, Michael J Fox Foundation, APDA (American Parkinson’s Disease Association) Brian Grant Foundation and Davis Phinney Foundation are all National Organizations that are good to reach out to.

What are you enjoying right now? 

My grandchildren!  Actually, all things considered, things are pretty good for me, and having Parkinson’s has opened up a whole new world of opportunities. I have met many new friends with PD, we laugh together and cry together, we understand each other.

 What is one of your challenges right now? 

My tremor in my foot is acting up again, creating some problems for me.  I did not start to take Sinemet until 5 years ago and have never increased the dose.  I am worried that my symptoms are starting to get worse.  My other challenge is to slow down.  I often take on much more than I should because I forget my limitations.

Do you have a morning or evening routine that helps you start or end the day well?

I take my dog on an early morning walk, which at this time of year, is before the sun comes up.  It is so quiet and peaceful.  A good way to start the day.

Do you have any favorite beauty products?  

I use mostly Laura Mercier products.  However, my dermatologist has a cleanser that she developed, which has really helped relieve my dry skin.  And for my itchy scalp, a beauty supply recommended Klorane Sos Serum with Peony for Sensitive and Irritated Scalp, which works better than anything else for me.

How would you describe your style in three words? 

Casually stylish, contemporary, youthful

 What is something you do for self-care?

It seems that everything I do is for self-care:  yoga, boxing, tennis.  Exercise 5-6 days a week.  Massage every two weeks.  Piano lessons, which are supposed to help my brain.  Playing tennis with friends every week, leading an active life. 

On one of her travels around the world

On one of her travels around the world

With Ninja Warrior, Jimmy Choi

With Ninja Warrior, Jimmy Choi

What makes you laugh? 

 My husband and my grandchildren!

 What or who inspires you right now?

 I am inspired by all of those people with PD who work hard to live the best life possible with a chronic disease.

 A food you love, a dessert you love, a song you love. 

I love berries, pasta with a great tomato based sauce and almost anything chocolate, especially good brownies.   A song I love:  Your Song by Elton John

Thanks so much Sharon!

Don’t miss Sharon on her blog at Twitchy Woman and her Facebook page @twitchywoman. Sharon will also be blogging for the World Parkinson’s Congress this June from Kyoto, Japan.

keeping a positive attitude


it’s always amazing to me to see how positive, people with pd or other chronic illnesses can be. they are the first to offer empathy, constantly spreading positive messages, and looking for the bright side in tough situations. and that’s in spite of having some really tough days. or maybe it’s because we have some really tough days.

on those tough days you try to go with the flow, ride it out, work through it, keep yourself occupied, remember that it could be worse, put it into perspective, feel sorry for ourselves, or get irritated that it prevents us from doing the things we want to do. any and all of the above. boy, no wonder we’re so tired. but we always seem to remember that the storm too shall pass, and there will be sunshine again.

i look at Instagram and see the daily posts of inspiration and encouragement. I read all the wonderful blogs of people with pd, or an online forum who share their personal journey and i can’t help but feel better at that moment. so the next time you’re having a tough day, connect with someone else who has pd and most likely their support will be just the thing you need to feel a positive attitude again. i’d love to hear if you have had an experience with how someone else with pd helped you through a tough day? ~kai

aloha friday


christmas is getting closer and i’m enjoying the season. we’ve agreed as adults in the family that we won’t exchange gifts but will get gifts for the kids. there really does come a point in life when you just don’t want more stuff and it’s the time spent with each other that really does mean the most to me. this weekend i’ve volunteered to paint my moms guest bathroom and maybe bake some holiday goodies. hope you have a peaceful weekend.

~ michael j. fox foundation 2018 year in review. lots of great research ongoing.

~ balloon based play therapy for parkinson’s-this is a fascinating article and i think is a great idea.

~ oh parkinson’s - this new holiday song for parkie’s made me laugh!

~ the new york times cooking site revealed their 50 most popular recipes of 2018 and the number one recipe was chicken francese. if you’re looking to free form cook, a nice pot of portuguese sausage, kale, & potato soup would be comforting. saute an onion, a few cloves of garlic, add sliced sausage. when its brown add some chicken stock and thyme if you have some lying around. simmer for a few minutes, add a couple of diced potatoes and shredded kale, s&p to taste & cook until soft. with a chunk of good bread & a glass of wine, what else do you need?

~ enjoy reading books? how about doing the 2019 reading challenge from the modern mrs. darcy along with me.

~ don’t wait for someone else. do it alone.

aloha friday

don’t you love the outfits these gals are wearing? especially the leopard print hat! i picked up two tiny little metal desks that an elementary school was throwing away and i’m so smitten with them. they are solid metal and have probably been used for the last 50 years and still going strong. they are bit rusty but i sort of love the rust. i can sand them and paint them but i’m leaning towards leaving them as is. i’m not sure how i will use them yet, maybe an end table or a nightstand, even a plant stand would be interesting. the cutest thing was when i picked one of them up, a little piece of crayon fell out! i wondered how old it was and all the little ones over the years who have used that desk. this weekend i’m taking an online photography class and looking forward to a nice long walk. happy weekend.

~ interesting article about the correct way to sit in a chair.


~ i once heard that it’s not what you eat between thanksgiving and new years, but what you eat between new years and thanksgiving. so with that guilt off of my conscious, i’ve enjoyed a few extra treats including my yearly panettone. there are so many delicious cookie recipes going around. alison roman’s salted butter & chocolate chunk cookies seem to rising to cult status & the fascinating world of competitive cookie decorating seems appropriate for the season. serious eats has some good ideas for homemade food gifts. this year i’ll be making granola, mustard, & flavored salts for my gifts.

if you’re up for something healthy & delicious try this free form recipe, sweet potato & arugula salad. cube & roast sweet potato. toss with arugula, toasted nuts, pomegranate seeds, red onions, raisins, a little pomegranate molasses, & toss w/vinaigrette. it’s delicious.

~ as if you don’t already have enough gift advice, but these art prints from society6 are unique & affordable.

~ kai

little mood boosters


when you have parkinson’s, your mood can go south quickly and out of nowhere. you may have a wearing off period or side effect from your medication, you suddenly get fatigued, or if you’re like me, you can get a little foggy (it sort of feels like fireworks are going off in my brain). when you’re having a challenging day, sometimes just doing something small can pick you up and make you feel a little better. it sort of interrupts the cycle just long enough to get you back on track. so i’ve found little mood boosters that can help.

~ go outside and just look at the sky

~ take a walk

~ listen to an inspirational podcast or audio book (if you need suggestions email me i have a bunch i like)

~ read a few pages of an inspirational or funny book

~ listen to some upbeat music

~ call or text a friend or family member

~ meditate

~ clean or declutter something that can be finished in one sitting

~ organize my to do & want to lists

~ watch a short funny video

~ be a tourist in your own city for the afternoon

~ dance or sing for five minutes

what things do you do that help boost your mood? ~kai

aloha friday

well we have worked through all the thanksgiving leftovers and the christmas tree is up, so i think we are off to a good start to the holiday season. marc, justin and i had a fantastic dinner last night at rangoon burmese kitchen. the fermented tea leaf salad was such a bright different flavor. i also had two wonderful leisurely lunches with friends looking over kahala beach which was just dreamy. the weather is so beautiful i hope to get out and do some walking this weekend at ala moana park.

~ the new season of the marvelous mrs. maisel starts december 5th. love this show.

~ podcasts i’m enjoying:

~ if one of your hobbies is genealogy research this site has really interesting free webinars with great tips on how and where to research.

~ good books i’ve recently read:

~ caroline’s house on unfancy is just charming.

~yotam ottolenghi’s recipe for slow cooked chicken with crisp corn crust sounds mouthwatering.

enjoy your weekend! kai

many ways to spend thanksgiving


“an optimist is a person who starts a new diet on thanksgiving day.” irv kupcinet

it’s a busy time with everyone around the country and other places who celebrate thanksgiving this week. when i was a child i think there was more a singular version of what the perfect thanksgiving was. the classic turkey dinner with family, the idyllic norman rockwell style get together. today it’s incredible the way the holiday has expanded to include and embrace many different ways to give thanks.

whether it’s a grand formal event, or enjoying takeout for one, they can all be enjoyed in the same way. by the way my secret fantasy thanksgiving for one is, early in the day doing some exercise outdoors to assuage the guilt for all the food i’ll be eating later in the day. ordering takeout and also stopping at a bakery and picking up a freshly baked pie, all the while giggling inside that i’m not cooking a thing. enjoy a glass of wine while i change into my pajamas, and start a good movie. then i eat in reverse order starting with the pie first and work my way back if i have room! perfect.

~ this looks like a delicious menu for a quick and easy dinner for one or two.

~ this new york times article shows how 15 families from across the US celebrate their beautiful and diverse thanksgiving food traditions.

~20 great thanksgiving movies to watch with your family.

~how to set a basic, casual, and formal table setting.

~ Want a low-alcohol Thanksgiving cocktail that drinks like a wine?

~ having thanksgiving dinner at daniel in nyc sounds devine.

happy thanksgiving. kai

experiences not things


it’s the beginning of the holiday season and it seems that the buying season starts earlier and earlier in the year and many sites are already ramping up the “what to buy” lists, sales, and reviews. let the games begin. i’m not immune. last week i went down a black hole on my laptop trying to convince myself why i needed this pair of jeans that was on sale. almost every fashion or lifestyle site i subscribe to were talking about this sale, it’s the first time they went on sale, they were only on sale for another 24 hours, they were fantastic, entire posts on reviews of them, i was hooked. i went to the site and read through the details and as gorgeous as they were, saw that the rise of the jean was too high for me because i’m 5’2”. i even already own a pair of jeans with a rise that was lower than these and they were still too high for me so i definitely knew they wouldn’t work.

that didn’t deter me. there were were tons of reviews on the site so i patiently read through them looking for reviews from petite woman saying how fabulous they were. i went to other bloggers who i know had reviewed them in the past and read their reviews again. i was literally trying to convince myself that i needed these jeans! half an hour later i finally snapped out of my trance, thankfully before i purchased them.

i do love the holidays and want to enjoy all the wonderful things that go with them but i will try and take a breath and move slowly through the consumption part of it, and try to focus on the people and experiences that are the important part. i’ll try to keep the idea of hygge close and be mindful. i’ll try to create an atmosphere that works for me, at this time of my life, without trying to adhere to the pretend perfection that we see in marketing and sometimes on social media. and if you see me in public with jeans that are too high waisted for me, know that i am still trying…….. :-)


aloha friday


we’ll be shopping along with everyone else this weekend for thanksgiving. always a little gardening and a few things on netflix i want to catch up on. enjoy your weekend.

~exercise, exercise, exercise……………… :)

~these are some powerful women with parkinson’s. go ladies!

~the free eat more plants cookbook -if you’re looking for more ways to incorporate a plant based diet, leo babauta from zen habits has graciously put together this free downloadable cookbook with some terrific simple recipes.

~ rock on michael j. fox and all who raised money for parkinson’s at the #foxgala.

~ rules of civility by amor towles - i’m almost done reading this book and loving it.

~ this butternut pumpkin pie from stella parks looks incredible.

savoring walk


marc-e-marc and i like to pick a new neighborhood and take a walk. it can be a residential, commercial, even industrial area. we park and walk and really try to notice all the different things going on. it’s fascinating what you see, hear, and smell. even areas that we’ve driven through for years take on a completely different look when you walk it and really take notice of all the details. sometimes it’s nice to go into zen mode with your headphones on and walk but this type of walk is stimulating whether it’s in nature or in an urban setting.

so when i was listening to a podcast called the science of happiness, the episode talked about a ‘savoring walk’ which is the habit of taking a walk outside and really noticing the things around you and how impactful it can be in our stress levels. the walk takes on a completely different feel than when you walk and tune out to things around you. so how about a 20 minute savoring walk today?

let me know if savoring walk is something you do and if you find it beneficial.


aloha friday

nighthalks  ~ edward hopper

nighthalks ~ edward hopper

this week was a pretty mellow week. i did my usual meals on wheels delivery which i love to do and saw the new version of a star is born with lady gaga and bradley cooper. both are super talented and it has a great soundtrack on spotify that i’ll be listening to all weekend.

~ the art institute of chicago just put over 44,000 works of art online in high resolution for free. they also have information on each piece and artist. i can’t wait to get a cup of coffee and peruse….

~ enjoying the audiobook “bad blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup” by john carreyrou. it’s a fascinating account of the rise and fall of the firm theranos, the multibillion-dollar biotech fraud startup headed by elizabeth holmes.

~ when life gives you parkinson’s is terrific new podcast from larry gifford.

~ i started following islandlivinglisa on instagram. beautiful photos and lots of positive parkinson’s inspiration!

~ goodness these keyboard shortcuts are fantastic.

~ i can never have too many recipes for pumpkin bread and this one with maple butter sounds delicious. happy weekend!

“anything one does everyday is important and imposing and anywhere one lives is interesting and beautiful” ~gertrude stein

aloha friday

photo courtesy of  justin ornellas

photo courtesy of justin ornellas

i’m looking forward to having game night this weekend as well as a visit to mom’s. I hope I also have time to watch a film noir this weekend on tcm called follow me quietly. the architecture, the clothing, the interiors, and oh yeah the acting.

this week i had a partial loaf of this incredible sour dough bread that i bought from breadshop in kaimuki and so i made a test run of stuffing with it. i don’t know why i make stuffing only once a year at thanksgiving because it’s so gd delicious.

how to seed pomegranates without looking like a murder scene - finally an easy way.

i’m listening to this song playlist of sade. what a beautiful and ethereal voice she has.

if you take daily medication take a peek at an app for your cell phone called pill reminder. it not only reminds you to take your medications but it can also give you a report that you can use for doctor visits. it’s so much easier than my previous system of using my phone reminders or logging it manually.

to kill a mockingbird was named best american novel. i’m one of the few people who never read it but definitely on my tbr.

i’ve been looking for dark grey or black jeans for a while and settled on these from everlane. i’ve never ordered jeans online but i’ve done my research and so fingers crossed they fit. i’ve loved everything that i’ve ordered from everlane so far.

great article on michael j. fox foundation blog about testing of drug for parkinson’s.

enjoy your weekend!

aloha friday


this weekend i’d like to see the movie colette with keira knightly and maybe have a scrabble night. exciting stuff, i know, but it sounds perfect to me. i’m getting a garden bed ready for some kupukipu ferns that i’ll be planting in them soon so i’m sure some gardening will be in order. have a wonderful weekend and live your best life now!

- interesting article about new study on light therapy to help parkinson’s non-motor symptoms.

-won’t you be my neighbor - a charming documentary about mr. rogers.

- an american in paris - i saw this classic movie again this week. no wonder it’s one of the 100 best movies of all time. gene kelly’s dancing is heavenly.


- slow roasted spiced pork - i made this for dinner this week and it was delicious and easy. you can eat it as a roast the first night and shred up leftovers for pulled pork tacos.

- the dream podcast - i love true crime and there are so many good podcasts right now. this is an interesting new one.

- a rule against murder - mystery novel by louise penny. i’m halfway through this and really loving this series about charming inspector gamache in a quaint canadian town.

a meditation a day....


keeps all sorts of things away. i’ve been meditating off and on for the last couple of years and i do notice the difference when i meditate more regularly. i feel calmer, more grounded, and i think the most amazing thing it does is to give me just a second or two more of being present in a situation before i react to it. i’m more able to catch myself and think it through, than automatically react. that has been helpful not only in how i respond externally with others but how i react to myself particularly in dealing with my pd.

i meditate for ten minutes a day, most days in the morning, but anytime will work. i do try to time it when my medication is in high gear as during off periods, it can be difficult to focus. on not so good days, even five minutes is helpful.

the good news is there are so many fabulous ways to meditate. here are a few apps and sites to get started.

insight timer - this is my favorite app right now. it has tons of choices and you can choose the time you have, the teacher, and the subject, all for free. it also has a free course on learning to meditate if you’re new to the practice.

headspace - this app is also a good one. the first ten sessions are free and then you pay after that monthly. it has some very good animated clips on helping to learn and stay on track and all the meditations are narrated by the same person which headspace fans like.

here are two videos on learning to meditate. the first is from pick up limes and the other from dan harris. give it a go and let me know what you think.

aloha friday


it’s a beautiful morning in hawaii. our family room looks out over pauoa valley and our neighbors huge avocado & mango trees. the trees in the morning are filled with a variety of birds and they make an extraordinary symphony of chirping that i love to hear. it’s such a joyful way to wake up.

this weekend we are having friends over for dinner. the menu is a chicken curry and rice pilaf dish from nigella lawson that i’ve been cooking for years. it’s great for entertaining because you can make everything in advance and i serve it with lots of different condiments including mango chutney, chopped nuts, shredded coconut, & bacon bits so everyone can customize to their tastes.

pumpkin skillet coffee cake - stella parks is an incredible baker and these look like a delicious way to kick off the fall season.

my parkinson’s team - this a social network for those living with parkinson’s. i just signed up and look forward to meeting new people.

losing touch, finding intimacy - a powerful and touching piece.

can’t get comfortable in your chair? - really interesting article about how most of our chairs make us sit incorrectly.

blinc mascara - loving this mascara. never runs and super easy to remove.

book i’m enjoying - nonviolent communication by marshall b. rosenberg

simplify - my favorite podcast right now.

have a terrific weekend and live your best life now!

trading in my to do list

photo courtesy of  justin ornellas

photo courtesy of justin ornellas

most mornings as part of my morning routine, i make a to do list for the day. i have a been a big list maker for years and they run the gamut on how they were organized. it’s so fun for me to cross off those items after they are completed.

but i’d like to add a new list called my “joy & meaning” list. it comes from a book i’ve really enjoyed called the gifts of imperfection by brene brown. in it she describes how her lists in the past many times included things that were linked to mostly professional accomplishment, acquisition of more things, monetary goals, and so forth. i have had those same lists and they can be important things to focus on, but most of them required making and spending more money.

the joy & meaning list are the ingredients of how we would like our lives to look like when it’s at its best. it will of course change over time and incorporating all of them is a lesson in progress and perfection but it’s a wonderful exercise and once you start thinking about it, you cant take it in all sorts of creative directions if you’d like. here is my list:

-sleeping well

-cooking delicious & healthy meals

-doing exercise that i enjoy


-spending time with family & friends

-being present with the people in my life

-volunteering or doing something for others

-finding time to play, ponder, and putter

-having control over our finances

-doing meaningful work that doesn’t overly consume me

tell me what’s on your joy & meaning list. enjoy your week!