many ways to spend thanksgiving


“an optimist is a person who starts a new diet on thanksgiving day.” irv kupcinet

it’s a busy time with everyone around the country and other places who celebrate thanksgiving this week. when i was a child i think there was more a singular version of what the perfect thanksgiving was. the classic turkey dinner with family, the idyllic norman rockwell style get together. today it’s incredible the way the holiday has expanded to include and embrace many different ways to give thanks.

whether it’s a grand formal event, or enjoying takeout for one, they can all be enjoyed in the same way. by the way my secret fantasy thanksgiving for one is, early in the day doing some exercise outdoors to assuage the guilt for all the food i’ll be eating later in the day. ordering takeout and also stopping at a bakery and picking up a freshly baked pie, all the while giggling inside that i’m not cooking a thing. enjoy a glass of wine while i change into my pajamas, and start a good movie. then i eat in reverse order starting with the pie first and work my way back if i have room! perfect.

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happy thanksgiving. kai