parkinson's websites

photo courtesy of  Justin Ornellas

photo courtesy of Justin Ornellas

as i try to learn more about pd, i've found a number of different websites that i like. i read them for different purposes. some have a lot of scientific information, much of which i don't understand. but i like to at least scan through them to see what new research there is or what research is moving through the system.

others have real practical information about medication, exercise, and complementary therapies.  others are just inspirational and help by sharing similar experiences or give me a boost of positivity when i need it. i'm sure there are many others, so please share the ones you enjoy.

the michael j. fox foundation

parkinson's foundation

the davis phinney foundation

a soft voice in a noisy word

parkinson's journey

parking suns

defeat parkinson's

parkinson's humor

fred phillips

out thinking parkinson's

parkinson's news today

the science of parkinson's