aloha friday


this week we saw spike lee’s new movie the BlacKkKlansman. it’s a super interesting movie done in such a creative way. definitely check it out. we stopped by murphy’s for some good old comfort food, washed down with an ice cold gin and tonic. this weekend i’m looking forward to reading royal flush by rhys bowen and the guest list by ethan mordden (goodreads gives it a terrible review but i purchased it from the library book sale and i’m going to give it a go).

the plants in the garden go bananas during the summer so there will be a lot of trimming of overgrown areca palms, a prehistoric ficus, and a neighbors overgrown avocado tree (it’s too bad it doesn’t bear fruit). the normal trimming rules for four seasons don’t seem to all apply in our climate.

i also excited to try my first boxing for parkinson’s class at orthosport.

my name is yeh - molly yeh has a beautiful smile and her enthusiasm for food is contagious. she is young and energetic, down to earth, and i think she is going to be a big star!

the great american read - this is an eighth part series on pbs about the top 100 novels as voted for by the public. each show interviews different people around the country and why they liked a particular book and if you like to read, this will explode your “to be read” list, and if you need some inspiration to read more, this will definitely get your juices flowing.


I made a quick small batch of plum jam while the plums are still around. aside from toast, you can spoon it over ice cream or cake, add a little to a vinaigrette, and even as a condiment with pork chops or chicken.

its a simple ratio of half the weight of sugar to plums. so for this batch i had 1.5 lbs. of chopped plums to 3/4 lb. of sugar, and juice of 1 lemon. i put them in a saucepan and over medium high heat bring to boil. reduce and simmer for 20-30 minutes to thicken up, stirring frequently. i’m not preserving these for long term so i just transfer them into small mason jars, put one in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. simple and delish…

enjoy your weekend!