forever summer fashion


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summer is eternal here in hawaii. we have two seasons, sunny and hot or rainy and hot! so while i see all of fashion blogs talk about all the wonderful cooler season wear, we will still have 85 degree weather most days. i’m not complaining because i love living here, but it does get challenging sometimes not being able to swap out seasonal clothing.

i also have much fewer clothing now that i’m retired and fewer opportunities to dress up, and since i spend most of my time at home, it has to be heat friendly (not to mention menopausal, but that’s a different post!).

i don’t have a capsule wardrobe per say but i do now like having fewer clothes to choose from because it makes it much easier to get dressed in the morning. i keep my selection for the season in the front of my closet and put the rest folded and in baskets or hung in the back so i don’t see them until the next season. i eliminate items that i don’t like but kept just in case, things that don’t fit, and most things that are not natural fabrics. now i like everything in my wardrobe and don’t often have that “can’t find something to wear” feeling.

what works best for me is to have a basic wardrobe of items i wear all year long. my favorite jeans, basic tees, and ballet flats. then in each season i add a few pieces to change it up. this keeps things fresh and i don’t get bored because i really do wear the same things over and over again so i have to really like them. the way i break up the seasons are Nov-Jan, Feb-April, May-July, & Aug-Oct. here are a few things i do to fake my seasons!

  1. each season has different color themes - i like neutrals but add in one different color for the season. this summer i added a few pink tops. i even have the breton top above with pink stripes. in fall and winter i add more darker pieces and this fall i’d like to add a new camel colored piece. during the winter, i’ll also add something sparkly for holiday events.

  2. change my shoe style and colors - again i choose the shoes for each season and put them together. they really don’t change in terms of style, except i may use a dressy sandal more in the winter because of the holidays and i’ll make an effort to wear more covered shoes in winter just because.

  3. jewelry - i use more casual delicate pieces in spring & summer months and will wear my more formal pieces even with casual clothes in the fall & winter. pearls are fun to wear during fall and winter with a button down shirt & jeans.

  4. makeup - dark lipstick and makeup does not work in heat and humidity but i do play a bit more with a darker lipstick in the evenings or a little more sparkle on the cheeks or eyes for the holidays.

  5. accessories - again it’s mainly the colors that change more so than style. so scarves and bags can be lighter and brighter in the summer months. i have a burgundy tote that i’ll pull out for fall & winter and put away my lavender purse.

  6. fragrance - changing your fragrance is a wonderful way to change up the seasons. you know, light and fresh in the spring and summer, warmer and spicier in the fall and winter. i’m loving everything roses right now with chloe rose perfume and jo malone velvet rose.

overall i think the key has been to break up my wardrobe and pretend there are seasons so that each time i put the wardrobe together, it feels fresh. it’s funny how quickly you forget something when you don’t see it and “surprise” it’s like shopping again when you pull them out. when i do have several days that i feel like i don’t have the right thing to wear, i’ll look through my stored clothes to make an adjustment and if i don’t find it there, then it’s probably a sign of something missing in my wardrobe and it goes on the shopping list. but through that process it has made me shop much less and gave me pause to see if i really need it.

if you live in a warm climate or have any tips on how to feel seasonal, i would love it if you would share them!