fatigue is a common symptom for those with chronic illness. it can range from being just annoying, to highly debilitating. for me it can be a low grade background tiredness that i can usually just continue on with my day, to days where i don't feel like doing much all. at first i tried to power through all the time, and found that created a lot of stress. i think it is a combination of trying to keep up with everyone else and trying to live the same life that i lead before i had parkinson's. but this is the new normal for me and just realizing that is a step forward and i'm learning to take on a more nuanced approach.

i've been learning to pay more close attention to my body and mind and getting better at knowing when to push and when it's just a slower day. sometimes doing an activity when you're tired can be helpful and can create some mental and physical energy. once you get kick started you start feeling better. other times i need to just pace myself with a bunch of different indoor activities and do them as i feel up to it. i call these days GTL. it's a silly reference from an old reality show called jersey shore where the stars were these vapid, self absorbed caricatures, and on days where they had nothing planned, they called it GTL for gym, tan, laundry.  silly i know but it makes me smile whenever i declare a GTL day!

my GTL consists of reading several different books, old movies, documentaries, family history research, listening to music or podcasts, gardening, house maintenance, cooking, and journaling. i find sometimes on these days it's harder to concentrate on one thing for a long period of time so i just flit back and forth and don't get stressed about whether i finish anything at all that day. it's about finding the right rhythm for me.

if you have fatigue, i'd love to hear your story and any strategies that you find helpful.