aloha friday


looking forward to digging in my garden this weekend and going for a walk. the weather is gorgeous with clear blue skies which always brings me joy. enjoy your end of summer weekend!

burt reynolds - sad to hear of burt reynolds passing. he was a charmer, had a great laugh, and said of his life, "no one had more fun than i did"....hope to be as lucky.

without gorky - saw this interesting documentary on netflix about the family of Abstract Expressionist painter Arshile Gorky and how his life and death impacted his family. for some reason i've been on a documentary kick about families and their interesting dynamics.

embracing the present moment - when i have a tough day, this is a good reminder.

a tree grows in brooklyn - i just started reading this classic book selected as one the top 100 books of the century by the new york public library. it's a wonderful book and i'd love to hear your thoughts if you've read it.

a blast from the past - i've been watching these old videos on youtube that show all about different thoughts on lifestyle. this one is a crack up about how young people should take care of  their clothes in the 1940's.