aloha friday



happy fridays gals! next week we are headed off for a long road trip and i can't wait. san francisco, atlanta, savannah, charleston, charlotte, dc, philly, and nyc! have a wonderful weekend and here are a few bibs and bobs from around the web.

~something about the anxiety - a really personal and interesting article from fredrik backman 

~milk street - christopher kimball (formerly of america's test kitchen) has a fantastic show on pbs as well as a podcast that i really enjoy. although i enjoy america's' test kitchen, his newer concept with milk street is filled with "simple, bold recipes". on the 4th of july we grilled the singapore chicken satay skewers and they were delicious. 

~tips for traveling with parkinson's -this article has great tips for anyone traveling with a health challenge or takes medication.

~billions, showtime series- this is an awesome, hedonistic series about power, wealth, & corruption set in new york, but if you're a foodie it's even better if you look up this blog while you're watching it, that gives you information on all the cool restaurants they film in.

~striped cotton dress, linen tee - these two items from everlane are my favorites to wear this summer. the striped cotton dress is a great to throw on and go. it's cool and the fabric is just stiff enough that it has some structure. the linen tee was such a surprise. i didn't like linen in the past because it was too stiff and wrinkled in a strange way. but these tees are soft and again cool for the blistering summer heat!

~20 absorbing door stop novels for your summer reading - anne bogel has a great blog and podcast about books. just put the lake house and the time in between on my to be read list.

~are you an upholder, an obliger, a questioner, or a rebel? take gretchen rubin's quiz and find out. i'm an upholder.