year end wrap up


2018 has been an interesting year for me both professionally and personally. i’ve been slowly wrapping up my work in real estate over the last few years, but this year i’ve retired completely. i’ve emptied my office and let go of anything i needed for work, both physically and mentally. at the beginning of this year i chose two words that would describe my sort of theme for the year and they were “accept” & “embrace”. i tried to weave those themes through all aspects of my life and they turned out to be the perfect words for me this year.

it has been a wonderful year for spending time with family. bronson & austin were able to take extended visits home. we took several incredible trips to korea, japan, san francisco, new york, and a gorgeous driving trip along the southeast coast of the u.s. visiting six states. all in all its been a wonderful year that i’m very grateful to have experienced. for the coming year, the words that i’ve chosen are “growth” & “connection”. i’m still planning how i’m going to incorporate those themes, so i’ll do an updated post after i’ve done some thinking.

as for parkinson’s, it seems that this year there has been an increase in awareness. i’m seeing more and diverse people talking about their pd publicly which helps connect our community and shine a spotlight of awareness. there are all walks of life who have pd and when you see someone with pd that you have things in common with, it helps us feel like we are not the only one. there are many studies going on and really interesting ways that researchers are looking at pd. this article in the tomorrow edition talks about how they want to change the way PwP are involved in research. the fda also approved a new treatment called inbrija this month.

i think the most important thing that has continued to happen this year is that there are more ways than ever for people with parkinson’s to connect with each other. there are more support groups where you can meet face to face, and not only have general support, but specific groups like young onset , women’s groups, and groups for dbs. there are online support groups and forums where you can make great connections with people all around the world and in your own backyard. there are social networks where you can read and see great photos & videos. there are more walks for awareness, groups that bike, run, box, you name it. as the research world moves forward and we of course look forward to better treatments, slowing progression, and a cure, we have to continue living our lives to the fullest now.

i’m looking forward to 2019 and all the wins and challenges that will go along with it. what are the two words that you’ll use as your theme for the year?

~ kai