trading in my to do list

photo courtesy of  justin ornellas

photo courtesy of justin ornellas

most mornings as part of my morning routine, i make a to do list for the day. i have a been a big list maker for years and they run the gamut on how they were organized. it’s so fun for me to cross off those items after they are completed.

but i’d like to add a new list called my “joy & meaning” list. it comes from a book i’ve really enjoyed called the gifts of imperfection by brene brown. in it she describes how her lists in the past many times included things that were linked to mostly professional accomplishment, acquisition of more things, monetary goals, and so forth. i have had those same lists and they can be important things to focus on, but most of them required making and spending more money.

the joy & meaning list are the ingredients of how we would like our lives to look like when it’s at its best. it will of course change over time and incorporating all of them is a lesson in progress and perfection but it’s a wonderful exercise and once you start thinking about it, you cant take it in all sorts of creative directions if you’d like. here is my list:

-sleeping well

-cooking delicious & healthy meals

-doing exercise that i enjoy


-spending time with family & friends

-being present with the people in my life

-volunteering or doing something for others

-finding time to play, ponder, and putter

-having control over our finances

-doing meaningful work that doesn’t overly consume me

tell me what’s on your joy & meaning list. enjoy your week!