aloha friday


it’s a beautiful morning in hawaii. our family room looks out over pauoa valley and our neighbors huge avocado & mango trees. the trees in the morning are filled with a variety of birds and they make an extraordinary symphony of chirping that i love to hear. it’s such a joyful way to wake up.

this weekend we are having friends over for dinner. the menu is a chicken curry and rice pilaf dish from nigella lawson that i’ve been cooking for years. it’s great for entertaining because you can make everything in advance and i serve it with lots of different condiments including mango chutney, chopped nuts, shredded coconut, & bacon bits so everyone can customize to their tastes.

pumpkin skillet coffee cake - stella parks is an incredible baker and these look like a delicious way to kick off the fall season.

my parkinson’s team - this a social network for those living with parkinson’s. i just signed up and look forward to meeting new people.

losing touch, finding intimacy - a powerful and touching piece.

can’t get comfortable in your chair? - really interesting article about how most of our chairs make us sit incorrectly.

blinc mascara - loving this mascara. never runs and super easy to remove.

book i’m enjoying - nonviolent communication by marshall b. rosenberg

simplify - my favorite podcast right now.

have a terrific weekend and live your best life now!