aloha friday

photo courtesy of  justin ornellas

photo courtesy of justin ornellas

i’m looking forward to having game night this weekend as well as a visit to mom’s. I hope I also have time to watch a film noir this weekend on tcm called follow me quietly. the architecture, the clothing, the interiors, and oh yeah the acting.

this week i had a partial loaf of this incredible sour dough bread that i bought from breadshop in kaimuki and so i made a test run of stuffing with it. i don’t know why i make stuffing only once a year at thanksgiving because it’s so gd delicious.

how to seed pomegranates without looking like a murder scene - finally an easy way.

i’m listening to this song playlist of sade. what a beautiful and ethereal voice she has.

if you take daily medication take a peek at an app for your cell phone called pill reminder. it not only reminds you to take your medications but it can also give you a report that you can use for doctor visits. it’s so much easier than my previous system of using my phone reminders or logging it manually.

to kill a mockingbird was named best american novel. i’m one of the few people who never read it but definitely on my tbr.

i’ve been looking for dark grey or black jeans for a while and settled on these from everlane. i’ve never ordered jeans online but i’ve done my research and so fingers crossed they fit. i’ve loved everything that i’ve ordered from everlane so far.

great article on michael j. fox foundation blog about testing of drug for parkinson’s.

enjoy your weekend!