have you participated in a clinical trial

i just read a surprising statistic that 85% of clinical trials for parkinson’s face delays and that 30% never get off the ground because of a lack of volunteers. while we try to live our best life now, we of course want to find new scientific breakthroughs and hopefully a cure. i know for many, just trying to get through the challenges of day are the priority but participating in just one trial can not only multiply the speed to a cure for ourselves, but is a way to pay it forward for the next generation who get parkinson’s.

many people want to participate but don’t how and think it would be too difficult. the michael j. fox foundation makes it simple to find out about what trials are available and can even send you a notice when a trial comes available that fits your parameters. all you need to do is register at fox trial finder. here is a short video from the mjff that’s really interesting. wishing you a happy saturday!